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Local Author Talks About "Declaring Spinsterhood"

Jamie Lynn Braziel Jamie Lynn Braziel

Local author Jamie Lynn Braziel joined KTEN's Jocelyn Lockwood on KTEN News Midday, to talk about her paperback novel, "Declaring Spinsterhood."

Braziel is daughter of longtime Grayson County Sheriff's Office employee, jail administrator Roger Braziel.

Below are description of "Declaring Spinsterhood" and a short biographical sketch of the author, provided to Amazon.com.

Product Description
What can you do when your family harps on you to get married (already!), when your delicious and alluring ex-boyfriend-cheater to the core-believes that you've fallen for another guy and sets out to woo and conquer (again), and when you suddenly realize that you have fallen in love with your best friend, the guy whose shoulder has always been available...but is presently being enjoyed by another woman? In Jamie Lynn Braziel's riotous first novel, Declaring Spinsterhood, she explores the world of 30-something single women, the pressures they face to tie the knot, and what happens when that knot begins to feel more like a noose. In the world of Emma Bailey, nothing is sacred. Including, and most especially, marriage.

About the Author
Jamie Lynn Braziel is a financial analyst now earning a graduate degree in accounting. A 2006 winner of NaNoWriMo (the National Novel Writing Month project that began with a few dozen writers and now boasts tens of thousands), Braziel used her own unmarried life as the model for her protagonist and her (mis)adventures. The author resides in Texas and would like her family to stop asking Honey, isn't it time you got married and started a family?