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Sherman Fire & WNJ Announce New Program to Save Time, Lives


From news release:

April 22, 2009
For Immediate Release:


The Sherman Fire Department and Wilson N. Jones Medical Center are pleased to announce that EKG's can now begin being transmitted from the field to the WNJ Emergency Department via fax.

From the scene, EKG results can be transmitted to the hospital emergency department which will allow the physician an opportunity to determine if the patient is experiencing acute myocardial infarction (heart attack) prior to arriving in the ER.  This allows the patient to receive life-saving treatment faster.

"Time is crucial when it comes to treating a heart attack patient; every second counts.  Time is muscle, and time saves lives," explains Donna Upchurch, WNJ Director of Emergency Services.  "This is exciting news for all patients in our community as it demonstrates excellent pre-hospital care.  This program improves the odds of surviving a heart attack with minimal damage."

"This is a critical step in providing superior pre-hospital care.  The process will allow our Paramedics to transmit diagnostic quality EKGs to the physician who will be receiving and treating the patient.  That physician can begin to plan treatment in advance of the patient's arrival; saving time and saving lives," according to Chief J.J. Jones, Sherman Fire.

This is an example of the excellence provided as a result of the partnership developed between Sherman EMS and WNJ during WNJ's accreditation process to become a National Chest Pain Center.