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KTEN Viewers Sound Off About Proposed Gun Range Near Cemetery


KTEN News viewers called the KTEN Sound Off Line, to voice their concerns about a proposed gun range near the Akers Cemetery in Sherman.

"My name is Nancy, and I'm from Sherman, and I have relatives that are buried down at cemetery, and I do not wish to see a gun range put so close to a cemetery. I go down there frequently to visit my mom, and I do not want to have my safety in jeopardy, because someone wants to do a gun range and wants to do some shooting off at a gun range there's enough nuts in the world now we don't need anymore. Thank you."

"This is Paula. We're from Pottsboro, and this should be a 'no brainer.' Next to a cemetery is not an appropriate place for a gun range. Thank you."

"Hi. This is Clara Star, calling from Oklahoma, and the response to the gun range being built close in proximity to the cemetery that would be insulting to the families because that is their private time, when they go out and visit the bodies there and um it shouldn't pass the commission rejects the guns companies request to build close to the cemetery. Thank you."

Voice your opinion by calling the KTEN Sound Off Line at 903 337-4041.