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Stain Removal

Blood: Pour a few drops of peroxide on a cloth and proceed to wipe off every drop of blood.- Connie Murphy, NC 

Crayon: Use a damp cloth dipped in baking soda. Comes off with little effort, just a little elbow grease that's all. - Connie Murphy, NC

This tip is very handy for those who have young children whom enjoy expressing their love of art on painted walls!  WD-40 will take crayon off of painted walls!!  Spray it on the "masterpiece" and wipe off with a soft cloth afterwards wiping the wall with warm soapy water to remove any greasy spots. - Wendy Brown, CT

Ink in clothes: Even if you didn't realize it until the dryer was done, the carpet cleaning product Spot Shot works wonders on ink stained clothes. Just spray & re-wash! - Sara Plyer

Ink on walls: Too remove ink from your walls, just spray wall with hair spray and wipe clean. This also works if ink is on clothing, just spray the clothing and wash as usual. - Trudy Stine, PA

Oil Spots: Spray WD40 on spotted area. Let sit for 10 min. Take a warm, wet rag and scrub area. Repeat if necessary. -  Candace Lodrige, LA

Red Wine: Red wine stains will disappear if soaked in white wine. 

Soda: Any brand of baby wipe does the trick! - Jessi, MD

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