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Carter County Inmate Death

In Ardmore, an inmate at the Carter County Detention Center was found dead in his cell Saturday afternoon. Sheriff Burkhart says the inmate was found dead in his jail cell during a routine cell block check.KTEN's Hailee Holliday reports.

     The inmate was 44-year-old Terry G. Brown.Brown was recently arrested on Friday afternoon by Ardmore Police. He was booked into the Carter County Jail on pending drug possession and auto burglary charges.Sheriff Burkhart says they still aren't sure of the cause of Brown's death, but he says there were no signs of foul play.Burkhart believes the death may have been related to the inmate's medical health.

Burkhart says, "He probably had some sort of medical problem he didn't know about.To us it appears he had a heart attack, the autopsy will have to confirm or not on that. That's what we have to wait on."     

 Burkhart says this type of incident is not common, but it does happen. The Carter County Sheriff's Department is working with the OSBI on the ongoing investigation. Brown's body was sent to the State Medical Examiner's office in Oklahoma City for an autopsy to determine a cause of death.    

Hailee Holliday, KTEN News