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More Texans and Oklahomans in Need of Food Stamps


The number of Oklahomans receiving food stamps is nearing record levels, and in Texas the Department of Human Services has seen a dramatic increase in the amount of people applying for the Lone Star Card over the past six months.     

Wilson Seawright, with the Oklahoma Department of Human Services, believes the number is going to continue to climb.

"In this area, we've seen a lot of layoffs, and what typically happens is when people are laid off they're eligible for benefits, and have dollars coming in, but when those unemployment benefits start to run out, that's when they come in."  

Last month, more than 442,000 Oklahomans received food stamps, which is the second highest total in history of the state.     

Seawright expects they'll break the record if the economy keeps going the way it is, and doesn't think the current stimulus bill will do much to slow down the need.

"The dollars that people will get individually through the stimulus package won't be enough to put them over our standards."         

About 30,000,000 people in the United States receive food stamps, which amounts to about $3 a day.  

Vanessa Bolano, KTEN News.