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The Competition Heats Up For Biggest Loser Contestants


As the weather cools off the competition is heating up. It's now week 8 in the Biggest Loser competition. As the teams continue to compete, the challenges are starting to get harder. KTEN's Whitney Allen has more.

Cigna Fab Five leader, Chrisonna Martin is gearing up for this weeks challange. She says, "I have been running 3 times a week and my team has also been doing it."

Not only is Chrisonna's team team inching to the top but she is also in 2nd place for losing the most weight. She says, "I am in 2nd place for the individual contest, I've lost 17 and half pounds, I am really excited and hope to win as a team."

And her goals for her team are not too far out reach, however they must do well in this weeks 5k challenge. Chrisonna says, "They are going to walk but I am going to run."

She says, "I am preparing for the race by running in slow strides and  then turning the treadmill up." And that's been her method for preparing for this weeks 5k Race For Diabetes at Waterloo Park in Denison.

The ranking for week 7 are in, Abs of Flab is in 3rd place, Chrisonna team Cigna Fab Five is in second, and Four Cows and a Heifer are in first place.