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Felony Manslaughter Charges Filed Against Wilson Woman


First degree manslaughter charges have been filed against a 21-year old woman from Wilson. June 1st, Ashley Tolbert was controlling a boat on Lake Murray when she hit land and flipped the boat. The accident killed Billy Miller of Ardmore. KTEN's Hailee Holliday reports.

District Attorney Craig Ladd says his reason to file charges were based off of Tolbert's blood alcohol level while she was driving the boat.     

Ladd says it took so long to actually file the charges because his office was waiting on toxicology reports.     

 The results reported that Tolbert's blood alcohol level was over the boating legal limit, which is .10, as opposed to .08, which is the legal limit when operating a vehicle.     

Ladd says, "The law was changed a few years ago to change it from .10 to .08 on the street, however it still continues to be .10 on the water for operating a vessel under the influence and that's what the allegations are is she was greater than a .10."     

 If convicted of first degree manslaughter, which is a felony offense, Tolbert could face a prison sentence of four years to life.     

Tolbert will appear in Love County District Court on September 5th.

Hailee Holliday, KTEN News