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Drug Dog Sniffs Out 25 Lbs of Marijuana


Twenty-five pounds of marijuana - that's what local deputies found inside a Tulsa man's car.

Grayson County investigators stopped a car, traveling North on Highway 75 in Denison. When the driver began acting suspicious, deputies called in Sherman's K-9 Unit.

The drug dog alerted authorities to 25 pounds of marijuana hiding in the trunk.

Sgt. Rickey Wheeler says Highway 75 is becoming a major thorough-fare for drug traffickers.

"When drugs come out of Mexico and the Houston area, they're transferred to Dallas which is a major hub," said Wheeler. "From Dallas they go all through the United States in each direction. Highway 75 coming north out of Dallas is an excellent highway for narcotics travelers to go North to Oklahoma, Nebraska and through the northern states."

Investigators seized the drugs, which have a street value of $40,000, along with $900 in cash from the car.

The driver, Cory Rogers, 38, is now behind bars. His bond is set at $25,000.