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Bicyclist's Gear Up for Red River Roadkill Rally


Many local bicyclists are taking their bikes off the rack and dusting them off for the 15th Annual Red River Roadkill Rally in Ardmore Saturday morning.  KTEN's Meredith Saldana spoke with bicyclist Scott Heller who's been involved in this rally for the last 15 years.     

Heller says he looks forward to it every year.  The rally starts at the train depot Saturday morning at 8am with 3 routes: 20 miles, 40 miles and 60 miles.  

Heller has been involved in this rally for the last 15 years and is signed up for the 60 mile route.

"Well, it'll be pretty hard.  It's pretty hilly."

Heller's no stranger to long distance biking.  As a member of a cycling club in Ardmore he rides about 150-200 miles a week and has some words of wisdom when it comes to battling the heat.

"Just drink everything you can carry!"     

About 500 riders are expected to ride.

James Lamey of the Ardmore Main Street Authority says, "We've had phone calls for the past two weeks probably anywhere between 50 & 100 phone calls every single day."

Heller adds that injuries are kept to a minimum.

"We have one local attorney that seems to always want to fall on the damn out there whether it's wet or dry he seems to go down.  If he hears this he'll know who I'm talking about."

But over all Heller says everyone enjoys the ride and looks forward to it every year.

"Some folks decide to stop and enjoy the scenery, others like the group I hope to be in we don't stop at all we just ride it and go."

The Main Street Authority puts on this rally every year and says last year a man came down from Canada for the ride after hearing about it from friends in Kansas city.

-Meredith Saldana, KTEN News