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Local Pig Farmer on Deal or No Deal


From the pig farm to the big show, one local farmer got her chance to try and win millions on the popular game show Deal or No Deal. Kenefic, Oklahoma resident, Heather McKee, says she wanted to be the first pig farmer to break the piggy bank on the show. KTEN's Hailee Holliday reports.

McKee says, "There was something inside of me the entire show that told me, Heather I really think you are going to be on this show."

McKee says she and her family have been religiously watching Deal or No Deal since it first aired. When she found out there were auditions in Oklahoma City, she knew she had to try out and who better to pick than a female Oklahoma pig farmer. Out of thousands, McKee was chosen to be on the show and went out to Los Angeles to shoot in November.     

McKee says, "I feel blessed. I do feel God has played a role in this entire process."

With family members supporting her both in the audience and on stage, McKee had the chance to play in the Million Dollar Mission where multiple million dollar cases can be chosen.     

McKee's mother, Betty Hartsfield, says, "I had to cover my face a couple of times, I didn't want to see what was coming up. We enjoyed it, it was good."

Her father, Ted Hartsfield, adds, "It's a thrilling show."

McKee's husband, Donny Hartsfield, says, "When it first started I was nervous. Once it got going everything was going so quickly. It was like you better hold on to keep up on what's going on."

Not being able to release alot of information until the show airs on January 3rd, McKee did say that a record will be broke but when asked how much she walked away with, her lips are sealed.     

She says, "It kinda put it in perspective for me. This kinda makes it fun. I know something that the rest of America doesn't until the show airs."

Be sure to watch and cheer on Heather McKee a week from Thursday on Channel 10 when she battles with the banker on Deal or No Deal.

Hailee Holliday, KTEN News