New Gun Law in Texas - - No One Gets You Closer

New Gun Law in Texas


     There are some concerns regarding a new Texas law that will be put into place September first, the issue is concealed weapons.    Under the new law, law abiding citizens do not need a permit to carry a concealed weapon in their vehicle.   

KTEN's Shannon Murphy met with the Grayson County District Attorney to learn more.   

A similar law has been in place since 2005, but State Representative Larry Phillips said there was a lot of confusion across the state for lawyers and jurors and this year they wanted to clear it up.     

Grayson County District Attorney Joe Brown says this does mean there will be more guns on the street, but the law only protects good standing citizens. "Well there will be more law abiding citizens with guns also,  the trade off is the legislature tried to craft the law so that good people are able to carry weapons but it does get into the hands of bad people.   That's a hard thing to do sometimes."

The law states the weapon must be concealed, the gun holder can not be associated with a gang, and you can not be engaged in a crime. Brown says a lot of times when officers find a weapon in a vehicle it leads to other contraband such as drugs, so this new law could hurt that kind of law enforcement.

Shannon Murphy, KTEN News