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Lake Texoma Inching Closer to Spillway


The rain continues to fall, and Lake Texoma continues to rise.  This week, it's expected that Lake Texoma will reach the spillway.  KTEN's Kristi Branam has the most recent updates.

The Army Corp of Engineers has a 24 hour surveillance on the Denison Dam, watching the water level.  But, they don't anticipate any problems, once the level reaches the spillway.

The Lake Texoma water level has only reached the spillway two times.  The first time in 1957, and the most memorable time in may of 1990, when the lake reached the highest pool of record at 644.76 feet.  17 Years later, Lake Texoma is expected to reach the spillway once again.

10 Year-old Teague Fox went to the lake to see the high levels.  He said, "It's gonna go over probably in my words."

Al and Eileen Carr were also onlookers at the lake.  They said, "It's pretty scary.   Yeah, it's pretty scary."

The flood gates have not been open since June 19th because of flooding downstreem.  But when Lake Texoma reaches 640 feet, the flood gates have to open again.  

Lake Manager Ron Jordan said, "Right now the river is falling.  So, if it continues to fall when we open the flood gates, it will just take the place of that water, and we'll remain bank full.  If there's additional rainfall downstream already occuring, then the floodwater from Texoma will add to that."

Jordan says this year, though, will be no comparison to 1990, when a maximum of 150 thousand cubic feet of water a second was flowing down the red river.  He added, "We will not exceed what happened in 1990.  We will not approach that, but there are many things that can happen in the next week.   Hopefully, fingers crossed, we won't get that kind of inflow this time, and we'll keep the red river within its banks."

At 4pm, Monday afternoon, Lake Texoma's level sits just over 635 feet.  It's expected to reach the spillway on July 6th, and a total level of just over 641 feet.

Kristi Branam, KTEN News.