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Grayson County Jail: Options that Could Save Taxpayer Dollars


  In Grayson County, jail officials are exploring various options on how to pay for a new multi-million dollar facility.  One of those options may save tax-payer's some money.     

KTEN's Jhen Kordela met with Grayson County Sheriff Keith Gary to discuss viable options for the jail.      

Officials have been studying needs for this jail, and affective ways to house inmates for five years now.  They want to make sure that tax-payer dollars are spent in the most affective way possible.  Planners say a new Grayson County Jail could cost tens of millions of dollars.  But, there are several ways to finance a new facility.     

Typically, to fund projects such as this one, officials would float a bond issue that the public would vote on.  There is another option which could be more cost-effective.

Grayson County Sheriff Keith Gary told KTEN, "There's a trend recently in Texas of companies coming in -- private companies -- and building jails and leasing them to the county, or charging the county for the space. Some companies even provide personnel and run the jail if you want them to do that. They'll do it all."     

The company makes the money back by charging the county rent and keeping inmates.  The jail currently holds 350 beds.  Officials are looking to build an 800-to- one-thousand bed jail to accommodate for future growth in grayson county.

Jhen Kordela, KTEN News