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Asphalt Plant Meeting: Medical Concerns


Monday night,  another meeting was held regarding the approved asphalt plant that will be built on FM 120 in Grayson County.  Medical experts were on hand to answer residents questions concerning the plants potential health risks.     

KTEN's Shannon Murphy has more.    

Austin College Professors have now joined the force to try and stop the asphalt plant from being built in Grayson County.  A panel of experts including biology professors, a pediatrician, CORE members, and concerned residents, who have taken an active stance against the plant, spoke out about toxins that can possibly cause cancer and a variety of other medical problems.                

Dr. George Diggs, a biology professor at Austin College, discussed the specifics of how the toxins released from an asphalt plant can be harmful to people.  Dr. Diggs stated, "A plant like this, of this size will be giving off quite a bit of pollution, potentially, because there are a number of toxins that will be released.  The most serious of which will be particulate matter: little tiny particles that are released into the air and can go deep into the lungs where they can cause damage."  

Pediatrician Lanna McClain has been practicing in Sherman for the last eleven years.  On Monday night,  Dr. McClain spoke out against the plant for personnel reasons.   She lives in Pottsboro and has children that go to school there.   As a parent and a doctor, McClain believes placing a plant less than a mile from any school could be hazardous to a child's health. Dr. McClain told KTEN, "I think it is something that can potentially be bad to our children who are exposed to eight, ten, twelve hours on a day in, day out basis."    

Residents have created the website for any information you may need regarding the asphalt plant set to be built in Grayson County.   

Shannon Murphy, KTEN News