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Bryan County Drug Bust


     After a year and a half long investigation, Bryan County Authorities arrested four people Thursday afternoon on drug charges.  The investigation was focused on one of the individuals who was allegedly selling crystal methamphetamine.   The other three, were arrested for buying the drugs.         

KTEN's Kristi Branam has the story.     

The Bryan County Drug Task Force has been investigating Charles Bussey for a year and a half.   On Thursday, they finally received enough information to serve a search warrant, and arrest Mr. Bussey.

Erika Claborn, a neighbor told KTEN, "It was almost very obvious something was going on because all these ratty cars would pull up, they'd stay for 2 or 3 minutes while I'm raking, and then they'd leave."

Erika Claborn lives across the street from where Bryan County Drug Task Force Agents seized almost two pounds of crystal methamphetamine, 32 thousand dollars in cash, a gun, and some stolen property.

Claborn stated, "They came up to the door, yelling police and slammed the door in.   They were in.   Then I come back in, shaking like a leaf."

Wayne Stanle of the Bryan County Drug Task Force said, "Mr. Bussey had some surveillance cameras up and seen us coming.   By the time we got to the bedroom where he was, he was already laying down with his hands across his back and his feet crossed.   He just gave up on us."

Charles Bussey was arrested on weapons charges, for trafficking meth, and possessing stolen property. Jabari Taborn, Jessica Taylor, and Jacob Wilkins were also arrested for possession of a controlled, dangerous substance.

Drug Task Force Agents say this drug raid will bring relief to the community.

Stanle said, "For the community, it's a great deal.   The street value of this much meth is $82,000.   So, it's going to make a big dent, temporarily in meth trafficking."

Claborn said she knows feels safe, "I feel safe in my neighborhood, but not, I didn't know that was over there."     

The Bryan County Drug Task Force may be pursuing federal charges on Charles Bussey.   If they are successful, Bussey will be spending more time in prison.      

Kristi Branam, KTEN News