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Oklahoma Prepares for Flu Pandemic


Oklahoma health officials are making special preparations for a flu pandemic, they hope never happens.  Experts say if Oklahoma were to have flu pandemic, t would sicken and possibly kill thousands. KTEN's Hailee Holliday has the story.

     Experts say the state is holding stockpiles of antiviral drugs like Tamiflu and Relenza at secret locations in case of a dangerous outbreak.  They say the drugs will treat Oklahomans infected by the Asian Bird Flu or some other super-strain of influenza.  Experts say more than 22-thousand doses of the flu vaccine have been administered across the state, and up to one-thousand people received the helpful vaccine in a single hour.  Local Ardmore residents say they are trying their best to prepare themselves for a flu outbreak.

Ladonna Miller says, "Well recently i 've gotten my flu shot and every day i take my vitamins, eat my fruits and vegetables and i eat healthy and exercise."

Paula Underwood says,  "Taking your flu shot and eating healthy and taking your vitamins i think it does. Helps alot."

      Experts say the flu is especially contagious during the winter season.  They say anyone who wants to aviod getting influenza should get vaccinated.  The vaccination is especially recommended for small children, people with medical conditions, people over 50, and also for people who live or work with high risk people.

Hailee Holliday, KTEN News