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Superintendent Speaks Out Against Criminal Charges


Parents of a student at Lone Grove High School have filed larceny charges with the Carter County District Attorney against two school officials. The parents say the Lone Grove principal and the superintendent refused to return a cell phone that had been confiscated by a teacher when it rang in the middle of class last week. KTEN's Andrea Kurys has the story.    

The superintendent said the cell phone will be returned to the student Thursday. It has been held up until now because of a policy listed in the student/parent handbook.     

Superintendent Gary Scott says the school board approves the policies in the handbook every year, and there are no exceptions to the rule for anybody. According to a section within the handbook, all wireless telecommunications devices are not allowed on school premises during school hours. Any exceptions to the rule must be approved by the Superintendent. Scott says after five days, the phone can be released back to the student, but not until then.     

Scott told KTEN that every student and parent has a copy of the handbook, and the policy has been in effect for two years. Scott says they have taken away student's cell phones in the past without incident. Other schools in Carter County also have similar policies. In Dickson and Ardmore, the cell phones are given back at the end of the day on a first offense.     

The District Attorney was not available for a comment on this case.

Andrea Kurys, KTEN News.