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Electronic Voting Slows Down Election


      In the aftermath of Tuesday's election, the state of Texas saw no major transfer of control between parties.  In Grayson County a new, electronic voting system was the biggest issue for some people.

     Even though a trial run in the primaries went off without a hitch, the electronic voting system introduced Tuesday actually slowed the voting process down in some precincts.  By mid- afternoon more voters were showing up to the polls, but by the end of the night some voters said the new system had trouble processing votes.

     The electronic system operates by reading votes off a memory card, critics say poll-workers had difficulty inserting that memory card to record the votes.   Other people felt uncomfortable because they could not write down their votes on paper ballots, like they were accustomed to.

   The final returns from Tuesday's election were not sent in until 1:30 a.m.  The voting machines are funded federally by the Help America Vote Act.