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Assistant Atoka Football Coach Being Investigated

KTEN News is investigating an alleged incident that occurred at an Atoka High School football practice earlier this month.  A parent of one of the football players called KTEN, alleging that a coach choked a player.  KTEN's Chelsea Hover met with officials in Atoka today.  She has more on the story. 

The alleged incident involved an assistant coach and a junior player on the high school team.  It reportedly happened at a practice on September 14th.  According to the superintendent, that coach has since been banned from coaching at Atoka schools.

The assistant coach, Craig Viehshaus allegedly got angry at several players during practice.  Witnesses say he then grabbed a player, allegedly threw him up against the field house, and choked him.  The player passed out, and other members of the team say he was unconcious for a brief period of time.  Other players, coaches, and parents say they saw it happen. 

The player refused medical treatment, but family members say he was upset about the incident.  The police have conducted an investigation and have handed the case over to the district attorney.  The superintendent declined an on-camera interview pending a decision from the district attorney, but he did say, quote-"The coach involved is no longer a coach at the school.  He is still teaching, until we hear what the district attorney decides, but his coaching duties have been taken away."

Superintendent Mark McPherson said the coach is permanently suspended from coaching.

Chelsea Hover, KTEN News.