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Carter County Warrant Round-up Program

Authorities in Carter County are working to "round up" hundreds of people who have outstanding warrants issued against them. The 'Outstanding Warrant Round-up Program' involves reserve officers locating and arresting people with an outstanding warrant. KTEN's Andrea Kurys has the story.

The latest raid occurred on Saturday. Carter County officials were able to arrest six people with warrants dating back two years.     

Under-sheriff Ken Grace says the program will continue indefinately. Officials pick two random days a month to search towns and neighborhoods for anyone who has avoided arrest so far. If they're caught, Grace says they could face more penalties in court...including an increased bond.

Grace says reserve officers are helping with the program, because the investigation process is very time-consuming. "Every warrant has an address on them, and they go to that address and they talk to neighbors or anybody that might be there, friends, and just track 'em down that way," he said.     

Grace says anyone who leaves the state is usually brought back to Carter County if they are stopped for anything else. A computer database lets authorities know who is wanted on outstanding warrants. The under-sheriff's best advice for anyone trying to flee the law is to turn themselves in voluntarily, because he says the warrant will never go away.

Andrea Kurys, KTEN News.