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Warning for Anyone Using myspace.com


A warning tonight for parents.  Why it's important to know what your children are up to on the internet.  KTEN's Chelsea Hover has the story.

Police in Grapevine, Texas are searching for a man who reportedly tried to lure a teenager out of her home this past weekend.  They believe her page on Myspace.com, loaded with personal information, may have led the stranger to her home.

Police say the 16-year old opened her door Sunday to find a man standing in front of her asking her to take a walk.  When she said no, they both snapped cell phone pictures of each other.  Now police hope these shots will help them find the man.

On her Myspace page, the girl has photos of herself in several poses, and states that she lives in Grapevine. 

Sergeant Bruce Dawsey of the Sherman Police Department warns parents of the serious dangers, sites like myspace can pose.  "Parents need to be cautioned and be aware that there are predators out there that prey on kids. Teenagers typically think they know what's going on and they can handle it.  That's not always the case. You don't want to put your personal information out there."

Police received a tip that the man actually lives more than 200 miles away from the Dallas suburb.  The new information has investigators even more convinced that this incident is related to Myspace.com. 

Chelsea Hover, KTEN News.