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HealthWatch Headlines: Testosterone/BBall Injuries/Folate and Prostate Cancer


Michael Jordan, Dan Marino and Mia Hamm all have something in common besides sports. KTEN's Dr. Tracy Wimbush explains in our HealthWatch report.

It seems they may all fluctuating levels of testosterone. A new study shows this hormone may be what drives that competitive edge many athletes are familiar with.

Researchers collected saliva samples of female athletes before a soccer championship and found they all produced testosterone in anticipation of the match -- making greater amounts if they won. Another study found testosterone levels were highest among the winning team -- and if the team was playing at home the levels were even higher.

Experts says the surge in testosterone may come from the feeling that they are protecting their territory -- or they feel the pressure of playing in front of family and friends.

You might want to take along some extra ice and perhaps an ace bandage the next time you go out for a game of hoops. According to a new study, basketball tops the list of sports that are most likely to produce injuries.

Emergency room doctors across the country treated more than 512,000 basketball injuries last year. Bicycle injuries came in second with more than 485,000.

And while women are encouraged to take folic acid because it's known to prevent certain birth defects, now the supplement could be beneficial for men, too. Folic acid, or folate, is found in either supplement form, some fruits and vegetables, or in fortified foods.

A new report from the American cancer society says that while folate doesn't necessarily lower the risk of developing prostate cancer.... It could lessen the severity of the disease.

Although this study was large -- involving more than 65,000 men during nine years -- researchers say more studies are still needed.

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