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New Details on Explosion at Wynnewood Oil Refinery


New details on the explosion that occured at a Wynnewood oil refining company today. KTEN's Andrea Kurys was at the scene in Garvin County earlier this afternoon.

Officials on the scene were not letting any traffic through the small town of Wynnewood. Firefighters told KTEN that they were doing house-to-house evacuations of the immediate area near the fire. Residents east of the refinery and south of Oklahoma 29 make up about half the town's population of 2500 people.

Early reports indicate an alkaline unit exploded at the Gary Williams Energy Corporation. Thick black smoke could be seen from miles away, and officials shut down highways leading into the town.

Cecil Cash lives in Joy,Oklahoma just 2 and a half miles from where the explosion occured. He waited 10 minutes, and then tried to find an alternative route to get home. Cash said, "I live in the general area here and I understand there's been an explosion at the Williams Refinery and they've got everything blocked off to a one mile radius."

 Trains on the railroad through the town were also on hold. Firefighters from all over the area raced to burn off extra fuel in the lines to prevent the spreading of the fire. There have been no injuries confirmed at this time. At the gary williams energy corporation, they produce unleaded, premium and diesel fuels.

Andrea Kurys, KTEN News.