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OK Senate Votes in Favor of Deadly Force


The Oklahoma state Senate voted in favor of a bill giving a person a legal right to kill someone else who is threatening or attacking them.  Legislators say the bill will help reduce violent crimes.

The 'Make My Day' law gives homeowners the right to use deadly force on intruders.  Burglary statistics have declined since it took effect in 1987, but a new extension of the ruling could take the law to whole new level.

In hopes of deterring crime, the senate voted in favor of the 'Stand Your Ground' bill on Tuesday.   The legislation would allow people to use deadly force against an attacker anywhere.  This means if you're on the go, in a car parking lot or even at the office you'd be exempt from criminal prosecution.

'Stand Your Ground' also removes any requirement that a person must retreat when threatened, but it does not wave the concealed carry law. 

"I don't believe any law enforcement agency has any problem with people defending themselves or defending their home," said Durant Police Chief, Gary Rudick.  "Any bill that enhances your ability to do that and gives you protection, I think law enforcement would generally be in full support of."

Rudick says the bill does cause for some concern.  In situations where police have to serve warrants and enter homes, officers could be at risk. 

The Oklahoma House will vote on the bill next and if it passes there, 'Stand Your Ground' heads to the Governor's desk for his signature.