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Mumps Concerns in Carter County


In medical news, Oklahoma now has nine reported cases of the mumps, forcing some in Carter County to question their own immunizations. KTEN's Sarah Lindenberg spoke with Carter County residents about the spread of this dangerous virus.

The nine Oklahoma cases involve individuals between the ages of four and 58.

Many of the people KTEN News spoke with know there children have been immunized but wonder about themselves.

"Oh yeah, my children have had their vaccinations they are completely up on their shots....shes had her first set," says Ardmore resident Casey Miller.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, mumps is an acute viral infection which causes fever swelling and tenderness of the throat. Cases are mild but can lead to serious complications. Mumps spread through contact with infected saliva.... from coughing sneezing and kissing. It takes a little over two weeks for a person infected to see symptoms, which means it could be weeks before we see any more cases.

"I was hoping it wouldn't spread too fast," says Carter County resident Sequita Ervin.

The CDC released a report on Friday that detailed the current epidemic. They are linking the spreading across the midwest to two mumps patients who traveled on nine US flights. Two of those flights were American airlines in and out of Dallas on April 2.

"It scares me a little, like I said, I haven't been immunized, but I'm not worried."

The CDC and state health departments have launched a multi-state investigation to alert passengers sitting in close proximity to those travelers of their risks. Health officials urge children and adults to check their records to make sure they've had two required doses of mumps vaccine.

Free shots are available at the Carter County health department.

The mumps epidemic in Iowa has reached 605 cases, with 50 new reported each day.