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Grayson County Deputies Investigate Feces on Judge's Door & Elsewhere

336th State District Judge Laurie Blake 336th State District Judge Laurie Blake

The Grayson County Sheriff's Office released details of an investigation into criminal mischief at the Grayson County Justice Center and at the Sherman office of 336th District Judge Lauri Blake.

Bailiff Tom Turner of the 15th District Court alerted deputies to the problem, showing them what appeared and smelled like human feces on the glass of the east door of the courthouse. There also appear to be a colostomy bag stuck on the door.

There was a trail of some liquid from the door to a crack in the sidewalk, which appeared to be urine.

An investigator with the Grayson County District Attorney’s office told the investigating deputy that the incident actually occurred Tuesday evening, between 5:30 and 8:00pm.

GCSO investigators also learned that a similar incident occurred at the Old Courthouse at the west door and inside the courthouse on the door of Judge Blake’s courtroom.

You'll remember, back in November 2005, Judge Blake was profiled in The Texas Lawyer newspaper. The publication looked into attorney David Stagner's claims that Judge Blake improperly imprisoned him during a divorce hearing where he was representing a client.

And in January 2006, the controversial judge was singled out by D Magazine in its "Best & Worst" list. That article labelled Blake one of the state's worst judges.

KTEN News tried to contact Judge Blake, who is trying cases in Fannin County this week. Her administrative assistant told KTEN News that Judge Blake would not comment on the criminal mischief case.