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Parents Worried About Chat Rooms After Girl Disappears in Oklahoma


A 15 year old Oklahoma girl is missing tonight, and now the FBI is helping with a nation-wide search for her. All around Oklahoma and Texas, parents are worried for their own children's safety. KTEN's Pete Tenney explains.

Dezseree Shrum was last seen Monday, and investigators think she may have met someone online before she disappeared. Tonight parents are watching their own children's internet use to make sure no strangers are trying to contact their kids.

15 year old Dezseree Danielle Shrum is a student at Whitesboro high school in Hodgen, Oklahoma. She's 5'7" and about 220 lbs with blond hair, blue eyes and glasses. The FBI says she spends a lot of time on the internet, and could be with someone she met in a chat room.

In Ardmore, child advocacy groups and local authorities are on the lookout. They encourage parents to tell their children it's never OK to get close to someone you don't know.

"Generally we find we have a lot of these sexual predators that are out there using these chat rooms to try to make contact with the children," says Ardmore police detective John Randolph. "They try to get them into a comfort zone where eventually they can try and get them to leave, and come and meet with them."

The LeFlore County sheriff's office says they're looking for Dezseree with OSBI, FBI, and many other federal investigators.  Pete Tenney, KTEN news.