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Death Penalty Proposed for Repeat Sex Offenders


Repeat child molestors are becoming more and more an issue today.  They are set free, only to shatter the life of another innocent child.  Oklahoma Senator Jay Paul Gumm is committed to making Oklahoma the safest state possible for your children. 

The Senator has written legislation to ensure that repeat child molesters face the toughest penalty possible.   It's called Senate Bill 1747.  It would make repeat child molesters subject to life in prison without parol or even the death penalty.   

Right now, the most severe punishment for repeat sex offenders is one year in the county jail or life in prison. Oklahoma has already passed "Jessica's Law" that requires lifetime monitoring of repeat sex offenders. Gumm's bill expands Jessica's Law, making the most heinous repeat offenders subject to the death penalty.   

Parents of young children agree, that something has to be done.  "As a future educator and a mother myself, I think we're too lenient on sex offenders as it is.  There's too many people that come out of prison and they hurt our children again", said Tina Jackson.

After becoming a father himself, Senator Gumm says, "If there was a crime that was worthy of the punishment by death or life without parole, it is that crime that is commiitted against a defenseless child."      

Senator Gumm is confident this new bill will pass in the senate and become a law.  Lawmakers will consider Senator Gumm's repeat sex offender bill when the 2006 session begins February 6th.