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Firearms Freedom Act Would Exempt Some Guns from Federal Law

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OKLAHOMA--Hands off Oklahoma's guns--that's what one Oklahoma representative is saying with a new gun rights bill.

Representative Mike Ritze from Broken Arrow authored House Bill 1665 which would exempt any firearm made and kept in Oklahoma from federal regulation.

Some gun sellers and gunsmiths we talked to said they would still follow federal regulation, for risk of losing their business, even if Ritze's bill passed.

Still, they said they agree with the message of the bill.

"The federal government has countless regulations on the books that they enforce at their leisure and anymore is just redundant," said Steven Harris, owner of Jerry's Gun Shop in Ardmore.

Steven said he believes practically the bill might not have any affect.

"I'm okay with anything that favors the second amendment. I believe in the second amendment obviously," said Johnny Stone, an Ardmore gunsmith.

Both men said they would need to study the issue more before taking a firm stance.

Representative Pat Ownbey of Ardmore, while a gun rights advocate, says he feels the bill is a distraction from more important legislative issues.

The bill will now move on to the full House for consideration.

Luke Small, KTEN News