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Contractor Bulldozes Wrong House in Paris

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PARIS, TX--Human error may have caused the wrong home to be bulldozed on Fifth Street N.E. in Paris.

Stone Foster says a family member called him Tuesday after 11:00 AM to tell him that one of his houses was being demolished.

"When I got over there it was already torn down," Stone Foster said, property owner.

"OMG--oh my God. Dad's not going to be please with this," Ronald Foster said, son of property owner. 

The City of Paris issued a work order to destroy a condemned home at 1017 Fifth St. N.E. A city engineer says a contractor employee from Sanitation Solutions could have mistaken that home Tuesday for another vacant, boarded one the street at 1102. 

Regarding repairs, the contracting company Sanitation Solutions may have to foot the bill.

"The house that was mistakenly torn down had been through building standards but the owner had satisfied the commission as far as what had to be done," Shawn Napier said, City of Paris Director of Engineering, Planning and Development.

Just minutes after the wrong house was bulldozed across the street, the contractor employee did bulldoze the right house.

"We all grew up [and born] in there except my oldest sister," Ronald Foster said. "She was born in the hospital."

"To me, more than just a house--it's memories," Stone Foster said.

The loss isn't just going to be memories. The property owner is actually a landlord that's been using the vacant house to store several building materials, including 75 sheets of sheetrock, cabinets, doors and windows to keep up with his properties. 

The son of the homeowner says that the lot won't be empty long.

"We're depending on building back," Ronald Foster said. "There's definitely going to be a house there regardless."

The house may be gone, but the family's hope isn't.

The City of Paris Engineer says that the owner is discussing compensation with the contracting company. Sanitation Solutions is getting an appraiser to estimate the damage. Company representatives declined to comment.

Jen French, KTEN News