Ardmore Elks Lodge Hosts Thanksgiving for the Needy - - No One Gets You Closer

Ardmore Elks Lodge Hosts Thanksgiving for the Needy


ARDMORE,OK--Thanksgiving means time with family, but some folks in Ardmore spent Thanksgiving this year with an extended family of needy people.

Folks at the Elks Lodge hosted a free Thanksgiving feast for anyone in need.

Bob Sperry and company have been putting on this meal for nearly twenty years and serving up over one thousand meals each year.

"I think its probably the most selfless thing you can do," said Gene Alves, one of those enjoying the meal, "You give up your time and your energy and your time with your family, this is an awesome thing."

"This is what thanksgiving is all about, giving and serving," said volunteer Dana Spradling, "There's people out there that don't have families to go to, so this is awesome."

The volunteers said they normally stay until the food runs out.

Luke Small, KTEN News