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Lone Grove Tornado Recovery Efforts


More help now for survivors of February's tornado in Lone Grove.  Carter County commissioners are taking over the debris removal project.  KTEN's Meredith Saldana has the latest.

The Lone Grove city manager tells me this means the process will be started earlier, with less steps involved which in the end will speed up the whole process.     

But we're talking about 7,000 tons of debris.     

Friday Lone Grove city managers met with FEMA, state officials and Carter County officials.

In the end, City Manager Marianne Elfert says Carter County volunteered to do the cleanup and the city says they graciously accepted.     

Elfert says this was the best route to take and was the quickest option to get started.     

FEMA estimates the total for the city cleanup will be roughly $500,000 and if the city needs more FEMA will provide it.     

The State Emergency Managers Office did go ahead and give the city $90,000 of it up front to help get them started.     

Elfert says the money will be used wisely but there are a few costs they can't control like fuel and landfill fees.

However, they will be keeping an eye on the amount of debris they send to the SWORD landfill for other reasons.

Elfert says, "We are trying to reduce the volume we send to SWORD because for every million cubic yards you shorten the life of that SWORD facility or that landfill facility as much as 5 years.  So we wanna keep that landfill viable for the community."     

Elfert says they will get permits to burn what they can and they will also recycle.          

Elfert is writing up a contract from the city to the county so the county will be fully reimbursed according to FEMA guidelines.     

The work is expected to be finished in about 90 days.   

-Meredith Saldana, KTEN News